Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro Ido Full Backup ROM and Modem Files

You can use the Redmi 3 Pro ROM MIUI 8 China Stable LMY47V V8.1.1.0.LAICNDI which I back up to repair the operating system damage and reset the Xiaomi Account. It includes modem files such as modem1st, modem2st, persist, non-hlos, and fsg which can be used to fix mobile data and wifi signal problems. Note, if you use the modem files, your IMEI will replace. You must change it again according to your phone original IMEI number.

Flash using the QFIL in the QPST utility software package, Xiaomi Flash Tool, UFI Box, Miracle Box, or another Flash Tool via EDL Mode.

manufacturer: Xiaomi
board: msm8916, name: ido
brand: Xiaomi, model: Redmi 3
build id: LMY47V, version: 5.1.1 Lollipop (LMY47V) (MIUI8)
build description: ido-user 5.1.1 LMY47V V8.1.1.0.LAICNDI release-keys

PrimaryGPT at 0x00000000-0x000043FF size: 17 KiB.
modem at 0x04000000-0x07FFFFFF size: 64 MiB.
sbl1 at 0x08000000-0x0807FFFF size: 512 KiB.
sbl1bak at 0x08080000-0x080FFFFF size: 512 KiB.
aboot at 0x08100000-0x081FFFFF size: 1 MiB.
abootbak at 0x08200000-0x082FFFFF size: 1 MiB.
rpm at 0x08300000-0x0837FFFF size: 512 KiB.
rpmbak at 0x08380000-0x083FFFFF size: 512 KiB.
tz at 0x08400000-0x0847FFFF size: 512 KiB.
tzbak at 0x08480000-0x084FFFFF size: 512 KiB.
hyp at 0x08500000-0x0857FFFF size: 512 KiB.
hypbak at 0x08580000-0x085FFFFF size: 512 KiB.
pad at 0x08600000-0x086FFFFF size: 1 MiB.
modemst1 at 0x08700000-0x0887FFFF size: 1.50 MiB.
modemst2 at 0x08880000-0x089FFFFF size: 1.50 MiB.
misc at 0x08A00000-0x08AFFFFF size: 1 MiB.
fsc at 0x08B00000-0x08B003FF size: 1 KiB.
ssd at 0x08B00400-0x08B023FF size: 8 KiB.
splash at 0x08B02400-0x09F023FF size: 20 MiB.
DDR at 0x0C000000-0x0C007FFF size: 32 KiB.
fsg at 0x0C008000-0x0C187FFF size: 1.50 MiB.
sec at 0x0C188000-0x0C18BFFF size: 16 KiB.
boot at 0x0C18C000-0x0E18BFFF size: 32 MiB.
system at 0x0E18C000-0x9E18BFFF size: 2.25 GiB.
persist at 0x9E18C000-0xA018BFFF size: 32 MiB.
cache at 0xA018C000-0xB078BFFF size: 262 MiB.
recovery at 0xB078C000-0xB278BFFF size: 32 MiB.
keystore at 0xB4000000-0xB407FFFF size: 512 KiB.
config at 0xB4080000-0xB4087FFF size: 32 KiB.
oem at 0xB4088000-0xB8087FFF size: 64 MiB.
cust at 0xB8088000-0xD8087FFF size: 512 MiB.
userdata at 0xDC000000-0xDBFFFFFF size: 0 B.
BackupGPT at NUM_DISK_SECTORS-33. size: 16.50 KiB.
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