How to Hard Reset Asus Zenfone Go ZB450KL X009DA

This method is done to delete all user data and cache stored on the Asus device, including removing the screen lock. Make sure you remember the Google account that is synchronized with your phone. You are required to verify your Google account after resetting. Remove your Google account before a reset. If not, you will be stuck verifying your Google account afterward. That doesn't matter if you remember.
  1. Battery must be at least 30%.
  2. Turn off the X009DA device.
  3. Turn on the device by pressing the Power dan Volume Down keys. Release the Power button when the Asus logo appears on the screen.
  4. You will see a green Android robot, press the Power key followed by pressing the Volume Up key and after a few seconds release both keys. Do it quickly and your mobile will display the Recovery Mode menu.
  5. Use the volume keys to scroll and Power to enter.
  6. To restore factory settings, select Wipe Cache Partition and Wipe Dara / Factory Reset User data. Note, all data store on the phone will be deleted including screen lock passwords or patterns.
  7. Reboot system now.
  8. Setup Asus ZenUI.
  9. Connect to wifi or mobile data internet.
  10. Verify your Google account.
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